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one-stop development management for sustainable innovative-driven investment.

CLOVE Star International is a Malaysian-based Development Management Company specializing in optimizing value for our global and local clients, developers and investors within a wide-spectrum of buseinesses and multi-sector industries.

Our core-services are investment management and business development that ensure holistic and integrated solutions are being pass on to our diverse stakeholders' organizations.


CLOVE EQUILIBRIUM METHOD® is a robust, four-stages framework designed to guide and inform our thinking as we advise our clients on sustainable development. CLOVE EQM provides the structure we need to balance the competing requirements of project sustainability, viability and ever-more complex planning requirements. CLOVE EQM embraces the challenge of uncertainty, allowing us to develop resilent strategies and tactics to help our clients keep their project on track.


What is the future environment in which your project will be delivered? What are the characteristic of the site? What is the range of potential social outcomes, and what is the preferred balance between these factors?


Iterative assessment of the effects of the proposals and athe feasibiliy of the vision taking account of the opportunities presented by the proposals, the risks during project delivery and the available interventions to define the range of likely outcomes.


Detailed production of reports and strategies that describe commitments which will be made to a range of targets and the governance, delivery monitoring and review processes neede to meet them, taking account of the need for flexibility and cotinuous improvement.


Preparation of management plans covering a range of topics, from construction management plans to travel plans, that define how the development will be implemented and operated., and the subsequent coodination and supervision in accordance with the plan.

Envisaged in becoming a household name that projects an image of quality, innovation and sustainability, Clove Star International strives in delivering winning formulae in all its programs. We shall envangalize our stakeholders in realizing their visions or crisis, driving the direction towards its intended agenda and objectives through well strategized planning and missions that ensure benefit realization.

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"Our core-services are investment
and business
development services
that ensure
holistic and integrated solutions are
being pass on to our diverse
stakeholders' organizations."