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helps businesses, increase the efficiency of their operations by implementing our solutions.

Evera Solutions Sdn Bhd

The Company
eVera Solutions was founded in 1999 to be a Business Process Outsource (BPO) company committed to provide efficient and quality integrated web based solutions. To this end, we have developed enterprise-wide Internet applications that allow businesses to comprehensively track core entities throughout their life cycles within an organization. To date, we have implemented our solutions at several corporate clients, including Mimos, CP Group, KPMG, Sapura, and Siemens as well as government of Selangor State, Perak State, Terrengganu State and Ministry of Housing and Local Government. Our innovative products allow managers to spot and correct inefficiencies before they affect overall operations.

The objective of eVera Solutions is to help businesses, increase the efficiency of their operations by implementing our solutions. Our suite of applications is built on a modular architecture that has been proven to allow maximum flexibility and adaptability, thereby optimising functionality without driving up costs.

At eVera Solutions, when our clients succeed, we succeed; our clients truly are our business partners.

We are committed to solving your problems as if they were our own. This means that we will find the right technological solution for you – not necessarily the latest. Often times, companies are misled into buying sophisticated and expensive systems that require them to divert resources away from the core business. Other times, the solutions employed require long-term maintenance contracts that seem to cost more than they are worth.

eVera Solutions is an advocate of and adheres to the following principles:

Fixed Time, Fixed Cost
Our solutions will be delivered on-time for the price quoted, guaranteed. No 'rough estimations' on what needs to be done only for the client to be billed for more than was bargained for, barring any circumstances beyond our control.

Client Independence
Once our solutions have been implemented, we will undertake the task of training client personnel to take over the system. Thorough technical and user documentation will be provided. Our goal is to allow clients to depend on their own staff to maintain the smooth running of the solution.

Finding the Best Solution For Your Organisation
The 'best' solution is not only a solution that solves your problem in the timeframe allocated and within the budget specified. It is also a solution that fits the technical sophistication of your organisation, thereby making maintenance a low-overhead task. Why buy something fancy if you need to hire 20 new employees to take care of it?

The Management Team

Dato' Redzuan Kushairi (Chairman)
Dato' Redzuan Kushairi is the founder and Chairman of eVera Solutions Sdn Bhd. Dato' Redzuan obtained his BA from University of Malaya and his postgraduate from Moscow State University. Dato' has more than 10 years of experience in the Internet Industry having started his ICT ventures back in 1996 as Executive Chairman of UZMACOM – a joint venture of Uzbek Telekom, Nokia & Siemens.

Dato' Redzuan served in the Malaysian Diplomatic Service from 1972 to 1996. Last post as Malaysian Ambassador in Uzbekistan (concurrently accredited to Kyrgyz Republic) from 1994 to 1996. Also served as Deputy Permanent Representative at the Malaysian Mission to the United Nations, Deputy High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, Charge d' Affaires in Ethiopia, First Secretary and Head of Chancery in Washington D.C. and Second Secretary in Moscow.

Irizan Zulkefli (Head of Technical)
Rizan is an experienced web developer with more than 10 years experience. Rizan obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Mara University of Technology and Master of Science in Software Engineering from University of York, UK.

Upon returning to Malaysia, Rizan joined an MNC as a software team leader responsible for 15 personnel. Rizan responsibility in eVera is to oversee the company technical division emphasizing on web application.

Ryan Wong (Project Director)
Ryan studied Electrical Engineering and Economics for his Bachelor Degrees and has more than 10 years of experience in the Internet Industry having started his career back in 1992 as a Computer Programmer in the United States.

Ryan joined Myweb Inc as a pioneer staff in 1997 upon returning to Malaysia as the eCommerce Manager. In 1999, Myweb became the first MSC-status company to be traded on Nasdaq.

Towards the end of 1999, Ryan joined eVera Solutions and his responsibility is to oversee the company operation in terms of project management.

Products & Services

IT Solutions
Our innovative solutions have been targeted primarily for the enterprise-wide Internet applications. Apart from providing customized, stand-alone enterprise solutions, we have harnessed our expertise to develop products utilising the latest Web-based technologies. Core products include:

The G-Suite range of products:
(G-Suite is EVera Solutions's product suite for government and organization)

Application Functionality
  • Provides underlying communications infrastructure
  • Defines user roles and workflow security
  • Manages members and customer profiles
  • Generation of orders or application submission
  • Manages the inventory
  • Tracks and updates admin fulfilment
  • Generates requisition orders or submission
  • Monitors the production process
  • Allows QA to monitor at any point of the workflow
  • Tracks finished results in the workflow
  • Manages orders and fulfilment report

The T-Core range of products:
(T-Core is EVera Solutions's product suite for SMEs engaged in trading and retailing)

Application Functionality
  • Provides underlying communications infrastructure
  • Defines user roles and workflow security
  • Manages sales and promotions
  • Generation of quotations and purchase orders
  • Manages the movement of stocks to and from the warehouse
  • Tracks and updates vendor fulfilment
  • Manages customer profiles and history
  • Monitors membership activity such as points redemption
  • Comprehensive point-of-sales application that caters to outlets that are connected directly or indirectly to headquarters
  • Full accounting application that includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Stock Costing
  • Provides several comprehensive standard reports
  • Limited ad-hoc reporting capability available

• G-Suite
As its name suggests, G-Suite is a comprehensive suite of enterprise wide management systems that give managers and administrators a single point of control over their operations. This includes customer management and the generation of orders (G-Customer), production control (G-Database), quality assurance (G-QA), results tracking (B-Report), and inventory control (G-Process). Its flexible modular architecture allows it to be easily customized to fit the exact needs of each specific client.

G-Suite will allow government agencies to increase the efficiency of their operations by streamlining management from a centralized location. The easy-to-use interface will allow staff to familiarize themselves to the application without going through the rigours of complex user training, thereby reducing the adoption time. Managers will be able to more easily perform financial projections, and link all costs and revenues to specific jobs. This, in turn, gives a clearer picture of the operational efficiency of the company; management can now focus their attention on customers.

Clients are able to choose from the various products of G-Suite to suit their needs. For instance, a over the counter agency would select the entire G-Customer range, while a backend based agency would select G-QA. Apart from this, clients can customize any of the G-Suite products to suit their requirements.

• T-Core
T-Core is EVera Solutions's product suite for SMEs engaged in trading and retailing. The Web-based framework allows users from across the enterprise to share information regarding sales activity and promotion plans (T-Sales), stock levels and general warehouse operations (T-Inventory), tracking customer purchases and managing redemption schemes (T-Customer), point-of-sales (T-POS), and financial operations (T-Accounts).

Additionally, our workflow engine (T-Admin) guarantees the integrity of the system by communicating user operations to the relevant applications. For example, when the Warehouse records the delivery of stocks from suppliers in T-Inventory, that information is automatically disseminated to both T-POS and T-Accounts. This not only results in greater efficiency across the entire enterprise, but also reduces the chance of data corruption due to redundant entries.

The main benefit of using T-Core is that it will allow organizations to increase their efficiency with minimal effort. The easy-to-use Web-based interface allows users to familiarize themselves with the solution without having to go through the rigors of complex user training. The modular architecture employed by T-Core allows new functionality to be implemented into the system without having to perform costly – and time consuming – reengineering of the entire solution. Furthermore, as the organization grows, T-Core can be scaled up easily to meet the increased demands. All this adds up to a cost-efficient solution that allows organizations to realize their true potential.


Here are just some of the benefits of using our innovative solutions:

Ease of Use
eVera Solutions applications employ the simple Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is now so familiar to users. This user-friendly interface will reduce the amount of time required by users to get used to the solution, and thus, increase their productivity.

Data Management
eVera Solutions applications allow users to retrieve all the information that may be required through simple-to-use, menu-driven screens. Users will spend less time looking for information, and more time focussing on their tasks. Our applications suites are SQL-compliant – giving our customers a robust solution that is independent of vendor.

Unlimited Usage
The Web-based nature of eVera Solutions applications provides access to an unlimited number of users from your organization without additional cost. All that is needed to access any of our applications is a Web-browser, which comes pre-installed in most PCs. Productivity is thus increased by the ability to share data across the entire enterprise, without your having to worry about additional user licences.

eVera Solutions applications come fully integrated with several standard reports, as well as ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Users will be able to generate detailed reports at a click of a button, thereby gaining a better understanding of the state of operations.

Data Redundancy
eVera Solutions's applications suites support data redundancy by providing a mechanism that allows systems administrators to easily backup the database to a suitable (i.e. external) storage device. By conducting these backups on a periodic basis, the chance of data loss is minimized – allowing users to be confident that the information is always available.

Users can be divided into user groups with different access levels, allowing the application to be used in a secure environment. This security scheme provides your organization with a flexible mechanism to restrict access depending on requirements.

Intelligent Process Management
The data within eVera Solutions applications are shared across all modules of the system according to strict business rules. This allows users to input information through a single point of entry. This automation also allows administrators to avoid redundant entries, thereby simplifying their tasks and ultimately making the information within the system more accurate.

The modular architecture of eVera Solutions applications allows organizations to expand the scope of the system without the need for costly, and time-consuming, reengineering of the entire implementation. All that is needed to expand the functionality of an implementation is to plug in the corresponding module into the processing engine. Users will be able to see the new functionality almost immediately.


eVera Solutions adheres to the "fixed time, fixed cost" principle; we guarantee that we will deliver what we have been contracted to develop in the timeframe stated, barring any circumstances beyond our control. We believe that this provides your organisation with the most flexible and cost-effective option when developing enterprise-critical applications.

In order to live up to our obligations, we have developed a formal methodology that first aids you in identifying your specific problem. We will then design an innovative solution that strikes just the right balance between the time required to develop, cost, and technical complexity. Once a design has been chosen, we will implement the solution; our implementation is only considered complete when it has passed the acceptance test set by your organisation.

Step 1 – Scope
The first step in our methodology, this is the process of helping management identify specific problems with the current business process. At the same time, new opportunities to develop efficiencies within the enterprise are identified. Our findings will be compiled into the Scope document that outlines specific modules required to achieve a general business goal, and the functionality of each module. The document assigns a priority and a complexity level to each module. The purpose of the Scope is to serve as a tool to help management determine which modules are to be developed within the timeframe identified.

Step 2 - Design
The next step is to design each module selected for development in the previous step. Our design will be based on the timeframe allotted to the solution and the technical sophistication of the client organisation. This step is primarily concerned with choosing the best technology to meet your needs; often times, this does not mean the latest technology. The design of each module will be compiled into a Design document that will explain in detail how each module will be developed and, more importantly, how each module fits into the overall system.

Step 3 - Implementation
The penultimate step in our methodology is to actually develop and implement the solution. Depending on the needs and resources of the client organisation, development can be done either on-site or within eVera Solutions. When development is complete, the system functionality will be described in detail in the Development document. The goal of this document is to allow the client organisation's IT staff to be able to take over the maintenance of the system without relying on eVera Solutions.

Step 4 - Acceptance: Training and Documentation
In order to guarantee the satisfaction of all parties involved, it is highly desirable that the solution undergo 2 stages of testing: Systems and User Acceptance. Systems testing is conducted under supervision and is meant to identify any existing discrepancies and potential problems. User Acceptance testing, on the other hand, is done completely by the client organisation; preferably by the actual users of the solution themselves. This testing is meant to ensure that the solution does indeed satisfy the original business requirement without modifying too greatly the current practices of the organisation. Once the solution has been accepted by the client organisation, eVera Solutions will embark on the training of a select group of users, who will then act as the point of reference for the remaining staff ("Train the trainers" concept). Any further documentation that is deemed necessary will be identified and produced at this time.

Project Undertaken


No. Project Descriptin Project Type Clients Period Completed


• CRM Siemens Malaysia 2000

HR Management System

• CRM KPMG 2001

Portal & Workflow Management

• eSubmission SUK Selangor 2003

ePihak Berkuasa Tempatan (ePBT)

•CMS KPKT 2004

Tourism Portal CMS


SUK Terengganu 2006

Property Management System

• BPO Sunrise Bhd 2002

Content Management System

• BPO Sunway Bhd 2002
8. CRM • CRM Nestle Malaysia 2005
9. Wireless Broadband • Wireless AP CP Group 2006
10. Wireless Sensor Network • SI MIMOS 2007
11. Telco Network • Telco Sapura 2008
12. Selangor State Government • eGovernment SUK Selangor 2009
13. Perak State Government • eGovernment SUK Perak 2010
14. Touch 'n Go • CMS
• ESubmission
Touch 'n Go 2011