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iPROFILE® was developed based on the innovative reverse engineering of Malaysian successes in the areas of Mega Project Development, Business & Economy and Heavy Industry, Technology and Information and Communication Technology. The successes of Malaysians in these areas are not accidental, instead due to systematic and clear processes, knowledge, governance, discipline and skilled resources. Through these successes, IPROFILE® was conceived, documented and practiced by selected few. We, at CLOVE STAR INTERNATIONAL understood adopt the method as our Holistic Solution Offerings to our clients.

iPROFILE® is divided into 4 major quadrants, which are linked and to be implemented in serial, which are:

  • Project Visualization & Development (PVDM)
  • Project Engagement Management (PEM)
  • Project Delivery Management (PDM)
  • Operation & Maintenance Management (OMM)


Typical Lifecycle of a Project/ Business/ Activity, Vision will be set, but not developed. PVDM provides the foundation of the vision with elements of ‘tangible’ and ‘achievable’ targets. Basic Feasibilities (Technical, Financial and others) will be developed to simulate various scenarios of approaches. Decision will be made to proceed dan risk will be identified.

Once decision to proceed has been made, Clients will need to identified the resources, Physical, External or Financial Resources. Engaging these resources are a daunting tasks, because failure to choose the right ‘resources’ will result in failure of the Project. PEM provides the clients with methods to select and engage the ‘right’ resources.

During the delivery period, in whatever conditions, proper management of activities are crucial. Most Projects/ Business/ Activities failed due to the conflict of vision and delivery, which result in cost over-run and delays. PDM provides assurance that deliverable are within the specified contracts/ vision.


The most overlooked portion of any Projects/ Business/ Activities are the Operation and Maintenance. Most likely, this is left to the ‘owner’ to figure everything out. OMM ensure ‘sustainable’ development is achieved, through proper planning and execution



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Through iPROFILE, our Group has developed successful International Best Practice Products readily available to be used by Clients focusing on different industry sectors.

These 'In‐Box' Products branded as iPROFILE iBOX.PRODUCTS™
has been able to expedite our Client's decision and business processes, hence offering Efficiency and Enhance the Performance of the Company and its Business.